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Choosing and Using Concrete Hammers, Drills, and Drivers

Most building and maintenance projects require breaking, drilling, and driving fasteners into concrete, masonry, and other hard materials. Florida contractors must rely on power tools that combine the boring or driving action of a drill with the pounding action of a hammer, to perform more efficiently.

Hammer drills and rotary hammers are the most common drilling tools for materials harder than wood. Demo hammers are best for chipping away at concrete, tile, brick, and similar materials. Impact drivers are designed to quickly install and remove screws and bolts.

While all of these tools can accomplish a variety of the tasks found on a jobsite, all are best suited for specific jobs. Deciding on the best power tool for particular applications will save time, money, and aggravation. The key is to decide whether your job requires torque, impact, or some of each.
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Demolition Hammers

Demolition hammers are all about the pounding. The bits do not rotate, so all the power is devoted to breaking hard materials. The hammer lands steady, powerful pneumatic, hydraulic, or mechanical blows. Compact, light and balanced enough for extended use, demo hammers can take out entire brick walls or perform more precise jobs, such as enlarging holes for conduits and cables.

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Impact Drivers

Impact drivers devote all their energy to creating the torque necessary to drive fasteners into hard materials. The hammering action both increases the core’s turning power, and forces the driver into the screw’s drive slot, helping to reduce cam out. This additional power makes impact drivers ideal for installing multiple fasteners in hardwood and masonry using slow, pulsing bursts to maximize torque and minimize user effort.

Hammer Drills

Hammer drills can serve as two tools in one. They use an oscillating chuck to create rapid-fire hammering action, and can function as a traditional drill/driver by disabling the hammer function. In exchange for its versatility, however, users sacrifice some power. Hammer drills are best suited for light and moderate tasks. They are powerful enough to bore into brick, mortar and cinder block, and with care they can be used on wood, brass, and other more delicate materials. For applications that call for more than a few holes in harder poured concrete, it is recommended to invest in a rotary hammer.


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Rotary Hammers

Heavy-duty drilling – large holes in poured concrete, for example – requires the sledgehammer pounding provided by rotary hammers. Their sheer power makes them unsuitable for use on wood, metal or for driving fasteners, but their hammering mechanism can be isolated for use on relatively easy demolition projects when a demo hammer is impractical or not available.

Power Tools For Any Florida Construction Job

Power Bolt and Tool carries the most trusted names in the industry. Concrete and masonry demolition, drilling, and driving equipment from Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi, and Bosch provide the ultimate in power, efficiency, and value. Request a quote today for our inventory. Need help selecting the right power tool for your next Florida construction job? Call us at 1-888-514-5151 to speak with a representative to help determine the concrete and masonry tools that will help you get your job done faster and better!
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