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Cut, Hammer, Grind, Drill, and Nail with Makita Power Tools

Makita is a leading provider of power tools and other construction supplies. However, with such a large range of products, it may be hard to determine which Makita power tool is best for your Florida construction job.

Read this guide to help choose which Makita power tool you need to cut, hammer, grind, drill and nail, based on their performance and build.


Makita supplies all the industrial tools Florida manufacturers and fabricators need to demolish, drill, and drive fasteners into hard materials. Drilling anchor holes into concrete and other rigorous tasks calls for the raw power provided by rotary hammers:
  • Makita’s 1-inch rotary hammers, HR2641 and HR2475, are light enough to use overhead, but strong enough to tackle a variety of jobs. Packing more than 2 foot-pounds in every stroke, they deliver efficient hammering by timing each blow as the bit rotates, so tasks can be completed up to 50 percent faster. The 1 9/16 inch HR4013C delivers 8.4 foot pounds, and Makita’s 2-inch HR5212 can handle the toughest jobs with 14 foot pounds. All models are equipped with advanced Anti-Vibration Technology®. All models feature variable-speed triggers and can be set to rotate, chip, or hammer with rotation modes for greater efficiency and versatility.
  • Makita’s HM1317 demolition hammer pounds concrete into submission, with little impact on the operator. There’s no rotation to take away from the tool’s rapid-fire punches. But even as it is busting up a sidewalk or gashing a trench, its Anti-Vibration Technology® works to counterbalance each impact for optimal user comfort. The smooth-starting motor, ergonomic soft rubber grip reduce fatigue on long, grueling jobs. Depending on your trade and jobsite conditions, Model HM1214, Makita’s 27-pound breaker hammer, or the 70-pound HM1812 may be a better option. Both boast features similar to the HM1317 and are also the most efficient in their class.


Lightweight yet heavy duty, Makita’s model 5007F 7 ¼-inch circular saw makes quick cuts of thick plywood and hardwood. Engineered for balance, the saw is easy to handle, making precision cuts a snap. LEDs light up the cut path for even more exact cuts. Several features will keep the saw operational for years:
  • Ball bearing construction throughout
  • Fan and baffles for efficient motor cooling
  • Internal blower to keep moving parts free of sawdust

Significantly lighter than its competitors, Makita’s two-stroke model EK 6101 power cutter is also easier to start and recycles unburned gas fumes for increased fuel efficiency. But these benefits do not come at the expense of power. Engineered for cutting concrete, stone, and masonry, the saw’s rugged construction and 4.4 horsepower engine can also handle asphalt, metal decking, iron pipe, and even I-beams.

There’s no need to mix in oil with model EK7651, the first 4-stroke power cutter on the market. Wear-resistant pistons, valves, and rods keep maintenance low, and advanced fuel and air filters ensure efficient operation.


With its one-step loading process, Makita’s AN923 3 ½-inch nailer earns its keep on every nail-heavy applications such as framing walls, laying floors, and replacing roofs. Capable of driving a variety of nails, even at odd angles, this tool can be set to three distinct modes – bounce, sequential, or lock – for greater efficiency in any application. Rubber bumpers, an advanced air filter and anti-“dry fire” mechanism will keep the tool operational for years.

The smooth-spinning efficiency, ergonomic construction, and 10-pound footprint of Makita’s GA7020 7-inch grinder lets contractors exploit the tool’s versatility in comfort. Sharpen tools, cut tile, mortar, pavers, and rebar, remove rust and paint with ease with this 15 amp grinder. Combining power with finesse, the 9564P model may be better suited to many applications. At only 6 ½ pounds, this 10-amp angle grinder comes equipped with Super Joint System clutch technology to protect the motor in case of binding or other wheel stoppage. Both models have manually adjustable wheel guards – no tools needed- labyrinth housing construction and zig-zag varnish to deter debris from reaching the armature coil, gears and motor for longer life and easy maintenance.

Get All Of Your Makita Power Tools at Power Bolt and Tool

Whichever construction supplies Florida contractors require, Makita has the perfect solution. Contact Power Bolt and Tool to find the right tools for your application.
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