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Cord or Battery, Milwaukee Packs a Punch

Power Bolt and Tool is the premier source for Florida construction supplies. We carry only the most respected brands, such as Milwaukee power tools, which are on sale now. Milwaukee manufactures a full line of rugged, powerful tools in both corded and cordless models. The right choice for you involves evaluating several factors:


Though Milwaukee’s battery packs rank among the most powerful and long-lasting in the industry, when power is at a premium, many contractors prefer the constant, unlimited energy source provided by corded tools. Milwaukee’s 1-inch SDS rotary hammer, boasts an 8-amp motor to deliver 2.1 foot-pounds of torque, faster drilling times, and as much as 35% harder impacts. The cordless version is 20% more powerful than standard lithium-ion-battery-driven competitors and delivers a full day’s work on a single charge.


Using cordless tools eliminates some of the most common power tool dangers on the construction site:
  • Fires and shocks from frayed cords
  • Tripping hazards from cords crossing walking paths
  • Accidents from the cord tightening when in use, or the cord getting in the way of the tool’s operation

Cordless tools such as Milwaukee’s 5 3/8-inch circular saw make work in less-than-ideal conditions safer. Negotiating ladders and cutting in confined spaces is less cumbersome and dangerous without a cord that can become tangled.


One of cordless tools’ biggest advantages is their portability and mobility. They are indispensable in the field on jobsites without access to electrical outlets. Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM battery packs run cooler in extreme heat and are battle-tested at temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This reliability saves time when using Milwaukee’s nailers and other tools; minimum maintenance is required, and there’s virtually no set-up time, so you can get right to work. The nailers require no ramp-up time to sufficient power for driving long nails into solid oak and other hard surfaces, without the need, expense, and clean-up of gas cartridges.


As battery packs become more powerful, they can be made smaller and lighter, as well. Still, tools that use their own attached battery are necessarily heavier than their corded counterparts. Corded tools, then, may be easier and more comfortable for operators to use. Milwaukee’s 14-gauge sheer, for instance, weighs just five pounds. The cordless version tips the scales at 6.2 pounds, owing to the 1.6-pound 18-volt REDLITHIUM battery power source.

Combo Kits

Consistent and lightweight, Milwaukee’s 12-, 18-, and 28-volt batteries power the company’s full line of power tools. Because they are interchangeable, Milwaukee packages commonly used and compatible tools into Combo Kits that allow contractors, skilled tradespeople, and do-it-yourselfers a way to save money while stocking their tool cribs. An innovator in lithium-ion technology, Milwaukee’s batteries deliver more power in a smaller, lighter footprint than nickel-cadmium batteries. With extensive runtime and twice as many recharges than standard Li-ion varieties, Milwaukee’s batteries help get the job done in any work conditions.

Get Milwaukee Power Tools To Help Get Your Jobs Done Faster

Check out Power Bolt and Tool’s great savings on Milwaukee power tools, and call us at 1-888-514-5151 or contact us for help selecting the best power tool for the job. Whether you need the power and comfort of corded drills and saws, or the convenience and portability of cordless models, Power Bolt and Tool and Milwaukee have what you need.
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