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Free Shipping On Orders $75+
Free Shipping On Orders $75+

Concrete and Stone Construction Tools for Contractors

Those who regularly work with concrete and stone construction equipment know how important it is to have dependable, quality tools. Power Bolt and Tool reliably provides construction contractors with the tools and equipment needed to work with concrete and stone.

When You Need Tools for Working with Concrete and Stone

Power Bolt and Tool stands out as the premier choice for construction contractors specializing in concrete and stone, offering unparalleled reliability and expertise so every project is a ‘smashing’ success. 

  • A Trusted Resource for Contractors.
    Power Bolt and Tool is committed to quality craftsmanship, and we stand ready to assist contractors and suppliers of stone and concrete construction projects. 
  • Equipping Contractors for Safety and Effectiveness.
    Working with concrete construction equipment and stone construction equipment requires finesse and precision to balance power with control and effectively break through such dense material. Power Bolt and Tool can help with that. 
  • A Large Inventory of Concrete and Stone Masonry Equipment.
    From fasteners to saws, from power tools to anchors, Power Bolt and Tool is the one-stop-shop for construction contractors that work with concrete and stone.

Leading Supplier for Concrete and Stone Tools and Equipment

Whether it’s laying intricate stonework, smashing concrete for removal, or preparing your project for customized concrete or stone installation, Power Bolt and Tool’s selection of stone and concrete construction equipment from manufacturers including Dewalt, Powers, Dayton Superior, Radians, and Werner ensures contractors can complete their best work.

U.S.A.-Based and Locally Owned

Power Bolt and Tool is American-owned, and committed to serving customers across the United States. Check out our online storefront to find the latest and greatest stone and concrete construction equipment.

Best in Class

We stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to. By partnering with outstanding brands such as Dewalt, Powers, Dayton, Superior, Radians, and Werner, the Power Bolt and Tool team is constantly learning from these partners about their latest and most innovative concrete and stone tools

Large Selection

We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to concrete and stone construction projects. Power Bolt and Tool stocks all the best masonry supplies - including ultracons, tapcons, epoxy, slab bolsters, fall protection, hard hats, gloves, and safety vests -  so our contractors can better serve their customers.

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