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Free Shipping On Orders $75+

Industry Resources

  • Anchors


    We at Power Bolt and Tool are dedicated to providing you with the best premium-quality anchors available on the market. Our goal is to apply our extensive product knowledge and help you select the best products you need for your...

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  • Alumi-Flex™ Stainless Steel Drill Screws

    Alumi-Flex™ Stainless Steel Drill Screws

    Power Bolt and Tool believes that any construction product has to meet all of the needs of the industry for the job that it has been designed for. The product must meet the criteria for strength and durability. It must...

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  • HangerMate® Threaded Rod Anchoring System

    HangerMate® Threaded Rod Anchoring System

    Any product in the construction industry that is going to speed up performance without sacrificing safety, integrity, and quality of the project is a product worth having. Here at Power and Bolt we focus on providing these types of products...

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  • Ultracon® Masonry Fasteners

    Ultracon® Masonry Fasteners

    Power Bolt and Tool offer the highest quality fastening solutions that are built to withstand any demanding condition. Our UltraCon masonry fasteners are extremely reliable. Through years and years of utilizing the latest technology, we are very confident to give...

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  • Dril-Flex® Structural Drill Screws

    Dril-Flex® Structural Drill Screws

    When corrosion is an area of concern in a construction project it is one that has to be addressed with a solution that allows for no compromise. Power Bolt and Tool knows the pressure that the construction companies deal with,...

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  • Fab-Lok® Vibration Fasteners

    Fab-Lok® Vibration Fasteners

    Anyone working in the construction industry has a demand for top performing products, reasonable pricing and a supplier that makes customer service a priority. All of these demands are what the foundation of Power and Bolt rests upon. Our priority...

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  • Panelmate® Storm Panel Anchoring System

    Panelmate® Storm Panel Anchoring System

    The construction environment is continuously changing, and this creates a demand for products and equipment that must be able to meet the needs of those working in this field. Here at Power bolt and Tool, we ensure that we stay...

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  • Electric Cutting Tools

    Electric Cutting Tools

    Manufacturers and contractors use cutting tools to size and shape building and product materials such as wood, metal, brick, ceramic, and plastic. Each cutting tool is designed with custom features that make it particularly suited for different applications. Select the...

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  • Stalgard Corrosion Resistant Protective Coatings

    Stalgard Corrosion Resistant Protective Coatings

    Elco's Solution for Corrosion Free Fasteners Anyone involved in the construction business will automatically know the importance of using top quality products in every facet of a building project. Those who demand the best in these are also aware that...

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  • Tap-Flex® Thread-Forming Structural Screws

    Tap-Flex® Thread-Forming Structural Screws

    Amongst the vast selection of quality metal fastening systems and within the Elco line of metal fasteners can be found the Tap Flex Thread-forming Structural Screws. These are just one of the many products that Power Bolt and Tool insists...

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