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Free Shipping On Orders $75+
Free Shipping On Orders $75+

Professional Jobsite Supplies and Equipment for Contractors

Contractors rely on Power Bolt and Tool for top-tier construction tools that ensure quality outcomes. With Power Bolt and Tool, contractors secure reliability and premium-grade equipment, fostering superior craftsmanship, client satisfaction, and project success. From circular saws to angle grinders, from heavy-duty drills to ladders, Power Bolt and Tool has construction contractors covered.

Construction Supplies for High-Quality Results and Client Satisfaction

For a construction contractor, few things are as frustrating as being left high and dry with a broken tool, unable to work, and meeting the expectations of their clients.

  • Fasteners including nuts and washers
    Play a pivotal role in the construction industry, ensuring structural integrity and safety by securely joining components and materials together.
  • Safety equipment
    such as hard hats, safety vests, and fall protection - on a construction jobsite is absolutely vital, as it not only protects workers from potential hazards but also ensures the smooth and secure progress of the project.
  • In today's competitive construction industry
    possessing new and dependable high-quality power tools - like drill kits, saws, wrench and hammer kits, as well as nail kits - is paramount for contractors to efficiently execute projects with precision and meet stringent timelines.

Supplying The Equipment You Need on a Job Site

Selecting trusted, renowned brands for your construction projects ensures unparalleled reliability and quality, safeguarding your project against costly setbacks and ensuring success.

Sourcing superior products from trusted brands

International Fasteners, Makita, Werner, and Radians, to name a few, Power Bolt and Tool have you covered for all of your job site equipment needs.

Power Bolt and Tool excels in assisting contractors

Selecting the ideal tools for their projects. As a premier construction equipment company, our team members possess unparalleled expertise and experience in the industry, helping our customers identify the right construction tools and equipment, every time.

Power Bolt and Tool is discerning about the brands we carry

Our customers know they can rely on us. We are laser-focused on partnering with the top-ranked hand tool brands in the U.S.

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