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Free Shipping On Orders $75+

Professional Electrical Supplier

Power Bolt and Tool offers an extensive selection of high-quality electrical supplies, ensuring contractors have access to everything they need for their projects. With competitive pricing and expert customer service, it’s an invaluable resource for professionals in the electrical supply industry.

Electrical Supplies When You Need It

Incorporating electrical components and products into construction projects is crucial for ensuring safety, efficiency, and functionality. Proper electrical planning and installation not only prevent hazards such as fires and electrical shocks but also enhance the overall performance and sustainability of buildings. Moreover, the integration of advanced electrical systems can significantly improve energy management, thereby reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

In construction projects, electrical supply systems consist of various materials, each serving a specific function. 

  • Copper
    is widely used for its excellent electrical conductivity in both residential and commercial wiring. 
  • Aluminum
    less expensive than copper, is used in larger power distribution systems despite its lower conductivity and higher corrosion risk. 
  • Insulation materials
    like PVC, XLPE, and rubber cover and protect conductors. 
  • Steel
    is utilized in armored cables and conduit systems for mechanical protection and interference shielding. 
  • Plastic
    is commonly used for cable sheathing and constructing electrical boxes and enclosures. 
  • Fiber optic cables
    made of glass or plastic fibers, are used in certain applications for high-speed, long-distance data transmission.
  • Grounding materials
    typically copper or aluminum, provide a path for fault currents to safely return to the earth.

Leading Electrical Equipment Supplier

Electricians commonly need a variety of tools to complete their jobs, including insulated gloves, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters and cable cutters, crimping tools, tape measure, utility knife (also known as an electrician's knife), electrical tape, drills, cable ties, coax connectors, wire strippers, terminal blocks, voltage testers, electrical testers, fish tape, wire / cable lugs, splicing connectors, levels, multimeters / clamp meters, and conduit benders, to name a few.

Power Bolt and Tool stands as a premier provider of electrical tools in the United States. With high-quality tools from premier manufacturers such as PHD, STI, PrimeSource, International Fasteners, Werner, Radians, and Diamond Products, Power Bolt and Tool has equipment tailored for the needs of electricians.

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