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Free Shipping On Orders $75+
Free Shipping On Orders $75+

Professional Grade Carpentry Tools and Equipment for Contractors

Power Bolt and Tool is a dependable contractor supply store that offers high-quality, carpentry power tools and equipment, designed to meet the demands of skilled carpenters and professionals. Wondering why Power Bolt and Tool stands out as a premier supplier of woodworking power tools? Our commitment to excellence ensures top-notch performance and durability in every product we offer.

Professional Carpentry Power Tools When You Need It

Power Bolt and Tool is a contractor supply store for construction professionals, offering a comprehensive selection of superior, professional carpentry tools and equipment. We consistently ensure reliability and excellence in service, empowering craftsmen to elevate their projects with precision and efficiency.

  • Precision
    Contemporary woodworking power tools can help to achieve precision and efficiency far beyond what can be achieved using traditional hand tools.
  • Faster
    Today’s carpentry power tools help woodworking professionals quickly complete projects, enabling uninterrupted work and boosting productivity.
  • Safer
    Woodworking power tools like those offered at Power Bolt and Tool are equipped with advanced safety features, reducing the risks associated with woodworking.

Leading Supplier for Carpentry Contractor Tools and Equipment

Power Bolt and Tool stands as a premier provider of carpentry tools in the United States. Furnishing top-quality tools from premier manufacturers such as BPA, Werner, Prime Source, and Radians, Power Bolt and Tool has equipment tailored for the needs of carpenters and woodworkers

Power Bolt and Tool Offers

Our customers industry-leading tools such as woodworking power tools that produce expert results and get the job done.

Quality carpentry supplies

Power Bolt and Tool offers a variety of carpentry tools and supplies such as gun nails, fall protection, hard hats, gloves, and safety vests to help our customers create a finished product that leaves them - or their clients - beaming with satisfaction.

Contractors and trades professionals

We serve many different industries, including carpentry, electrical, roofing, plumbing, window installation, fire protection, and more.

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