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Choose the Right Portable Construction Lights for Your Construction Project

When you are hard at work on a construction site, safety should be your top priority. Unfortunately, the wrong lights can lead to several hazards ranging from tangled power cords to improper lighting. A better solution is to invest in portable construction lighting solutions, and there are several great options from which you can choose.


A spotlight will cast a narrow beam of light, usually less than 45 degrees, onto your work space. These beams are easier to control and point than other types of construction lights, and they are more concentrated. Milwaukee’s M12 TRUEVIEW LED Spotlight provides a beam distance of up to 700 yards, offering construction professionals a high performance lighting option to identify, diagnose, and illuminate work-related tasks both on and off the jobsite.

Flood Lights

construction lights
Floodlights can have a beam spread of nearly 120 degrees, and they can be used to illuminate a large area with the same lumen output and wattage as a spotlight. An excellent option for illuminating dark construction areas, a good floodlight will replicate natural light. A portable stand can also make it easy to get maximum coverage with a flood light.

Stand and Tower Lights

While many construction professionals mount flood lights onto a portable stand, there are also tower light options available that can help you skip this step. Stand-up lights like the M18 Rocket LED Tower Light/Charger is easy to transport, offer quick set-up times, and feature many other great benefits:
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Offer extendable lighting heads to minimize shadows and light overhead work
  • Multi-directional lighting heads allows for users to orient the independently-pivoting heads to cast light in multiple directions


Flashlights provide high illumination to light up a construction site without the cord. They feature ergonomic and compact designs for best ease of use, and with an adjustable head that provides lighting for even the tightest of spaces, they offer versatile use. The Makita ML 9.6V Cordless Flashlight can operate for up to two hours of continuous illumination on a single charge, making it the perfect addition to any construction site.

Most portable construction flashlights:
  • Offer rechargeable lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, or nickel cadmium batteries
  • Have the ability to support LED or other bright bulbs
  • Include Conveniently stored in custom chargers

While the initial price for these flashlights might be higher than those that include disposable batteries, they last longer and offer a greater return on investment.

Work Lights

milwaukee work light
Work lights are intense lighting solutions that come in a variety of styles and offer different bulb types. The Milwaukee M18 Work Light, for example, uses an incandescent bulb in a 135 degree rotating head. The beam can be easily directed toward your desired work area, and the light features integrated hooks for hands-free use.

LED bulbs are also popular for construction work lights, as they offer a variety of unique benefits:
  • Cost effective and save energy
  • Last for up to five times longer than other bulbs
  • Produce very little heat

LEDs like those found in the M12 LED Work Light are currently the most popular type of bulb and are a staple of construction supplies in Florida.

Stick Lights

Stick lights like the Milwaukee M18 LED Stick Light are designed to increase jobsite productivity, offering a replaceable and impact-resistant lens that is designed to stand up to the toughest work conditions. A light-weight option of just over a pound, a stick light typically offers two multi-position steel hooks for hands-free use, allowing you to move your light to the most convenient location. For added utility, most stick lights will provide 180 degrees of coverage with a pivoting head.

When it comes to finding the right construction supplies, Florida residents can count on Power Bolt & Tool. We offer the portable construction lights that you need to get your job done safely and efficiently and are committed to helping you find the right workplace solutions. Our inventory includes a full line of Makita and Milwaukee lighting options. Request a quote or call us at 1-888-514-5151 and speak to a representative.
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