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Fab-Lok® Vibration Fasteners

Anyone working in the construction industry has a demand for top performing products, reasonable pricing and a supplier that makes customer service a priority. All of these demands are what the foundation of Power and Bolt rests upon. Our priority is meeting your needs as a construction expert and when it comes to needing top of the line products such as the Fab-Lok Fasteners then we are the company that is going to get them to you when you need them. There can be no delays in construction performance, and we don’t believe in delays as suppliers in this industry.


No matter what construction project you may be working on, the integrity and safety of that structure is undoubtedly your first priority. When it comes to buildings that may be classed as high stress or subjected to heavy or high vibration conditions, then you need to know the vibration screws, you are using are going to be able to handle this. This is the type of job where you want to rely on the Fab-Lock Fasteners. They are the perfect solution for buildings that are going to be subjected to the operation of machinery or for those close to airports and will be within the vibration range of planes coming and going. They are also the safe solution for buildings that are being constructed in open areas where they could be subjected to high winds.

A great deal of emphasis has been put on the design and quality of materials used in these vibration screws. The hex drive screw head is attached with a spinned holding surface which rests upon an EPDM washer that makes up part of the slotted aluminum sleeve. There is a choice of low carbon steel, or if one prefers stainless steel then there is the 300 series. These quality Elco fasteners are coated with zinc for a good appearance and added protection against the elements.

Any building or structure that is subjected to vibration or even high winds is at risk of their fasteners become loose and jeopardizing the integrity of the structure. While good quality standard fasteners are appropriate for other types of structures, in cases where movement is going to be a concern then the safest and most reliable fastener is the Fab-Lok. Its components allow it to be categorized as a high strength fastener and it is the ideal solution for blind fastening requirements when working with light gauge steel. It is the fastener of choice when working with insulated panels because of its qualities and ease of use. Users of this item can rely on the optimized joint integrity that it provides. Once it is fastened the clamping tines will remain in position even if the screw is removed. Aside from new constructions the Fab-Lok fastener has proven to be a top performer for repairing metal panels that have become separated and are ideal for blind hole applications.

For the most part construction workers know what they are going to need for their projects before they start but there is always that odd job that holds some surprises. In the event you find that you are in need of the Fab-Lok fasteners in a hurry you won’t have a problem getting them from us here at Power Bolt and Tool. We are the suppliers that are ready to handle your construction product emergencies.

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