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Stalgard Corrosion Resistant Protective Coatings

Elco's Solution for Corrosion Free Fasteners

Anyone involved in the construction business will automatically know the importance of using top quality products in every facet of a building project.

Those who demand the best in these are also aware that they need to keep in tune with products that have a high regard for using the latest technology. When it comes to construction fasteners the leading edge of technology that is applicable to these has to be the Stalgard – High Performance Corrosion Resistant Protective Coatings. Here at Power Bolt and Tool we maintain a keen eye on what is available in the latest technology, so we can make sure that our customers are never left behind when it comes to utilizing the best there is available when it comes to construction products. To give you a chance to experience some of the technology that is available to you we invite you to contact us to give you your FREE Elco Flex Technology Kit. This technology has the ability to change the way you look at fasteners in today’s modern world.



The Stalgard coating is used on Elco fasteners that demand the need for this type of superior anti corrosion protection. It is called the Stalgard Coating for High-Hardness Case and Induction Heat-Treated Fasteners. This coating implements low temperature curing so the hardener of the fastener itself will not be compromised. Its primary purpose is to create an extra guard against corrosion and brittle failure, but the benefits of Stalgard treated Elco fasteners go far beyond this.

Any construction professional will immediately see why the Stalgard coating is such a top performer when looking at any fastener that has been treated with it. What makes these Stalgard coated Elco fasteners even more impressive is the time saving features they offer by eliminating the need for post coating lubrication, and no plating process is required. It allows for first time application of the fasteners it is used on which means increased productivity. The quality is evident when the user sees the coating doesn’t shed when handled or during repeat installations. The coating is completely balanced during its application to the Elco fasteners which means there is no uneven coating. In addition to this it’s an environmentally friendly finish which fits in nicely with the eco-friendly standards that are a priority of the construction industry of today.

The biggest factor that the Stalgard finish doesn’t have is any weakness in its ability to perform its anti- corrosive mandate. It also doesn’t have chromates and silicates that could potentially create embrittlement.

You will find that Elco has utilized this non reproachable finish on their quality self-drilling and self-tapping fasteners. It is a component of high hardness fasteners and those applicable for ACQ-treated lumber. For those who are faced with a construction project that is in a moderate marine environment then you can count on the Stalgard coated fasteners applicable to your needs.

Not only do we here at Power Bolt and Tool want you to have the highest quality products to choose from we want to save you time by making the right choice for the job at hand which may be the Elco fasteners with Stalgard- Corrosion Resistant Protective Coatings. It is not always easy to know which fastener is the best one for the job, and to make the choices the right one as well as easy, be sure to download our free Fastener Selection Guide. It is just one more way that can be of service to you. We also realize that having an easy method of making payments can be a real stress reducer and time saver, so why not take advantage of our “Power Credit” program. Application is easy and instant approval makes it fast.

Stalgard is a multilayer, high corrosion resistant protective coating. It surpasses Salt spray test at 1,000+ hours with no red rust per ASTM B117. Stalgard has been specifically engineered to provide high durability and optimal performance in construction applications that are serious and challenging. The coating is free of chromates and silicates. In addition, it does not contain any bad chemicals, making this coating environment friendly. Stalgard is also free of any processes that might induce hydrogen embrittlement, such as electroplating, and this prevents structural failures.

Stalgard provides exceptional protection against atmospheric corrosion for lasting and extended application. It also provides great galvanic corrosion protection and attractive chrome-like bright silver finish. The coating is environmentally sound (chrome-free process) and chip resistant.

The advantages do not stop here! Fasteners with a coating like that of Stalgard hold a uniform thickness and low coefficient of friction (eradicates the need of pre coating lubricants to ease installation which saves time in the application). Also, the finish is very, very heavy-duty, which means that it won’t come off while handling or with repeated installations.

There are various ways in which you can use Stalgard Coated Fasteners for application purposes. The main applications include:

Self-drilling and Self-tapping fasteners
High-hardness (Rc52) fasteners
Fasteners used in ACQ-treated lumber
Fasteners used in moderate marine environments

There are two main types of Stalgard Corrosion-Resistant Coating.

Stalgard Coating for High-Hardness Case and Induction Heat-Treated Fasteners
Stalgard Standard (AS) Class 4 Coating
Stalgard Coating for High Hardness Case and Induction Heat –Treated Fasteners are cured at a low temperature so that the hardness of the fasteners is not affected.

Used in drill and tapping fasteners that require a corrosion-resistant finish; one that does not affect the hardness or self-drilling capability.

You will find Product diameter range a #8 and anything larger.
As mentioned earlier, salt spray resistance at over a thousand Hours with no red rust per ASTM B117.
You also have Silver, black, blue, white, yellow, red, and brown available in Pantone colors.
Pantone Gray also available for ACQ-treated lumber.
Semi-gloss color tones with good adhesion characteristics
Uniform thickness.
Compatible with internal recesses.
Will not cause hydrogen embrittlement failures.
RoHS compliant (chrome-free)
Maintains drilling performance of self-drilling fasteners (Rc 52 min.)
Maintains tapping performance of the case and the induction hardened thread-forming fasteners (Rc 52min)

Durable tough finish – doesn’t come off during handling or repeated installations
Low coefficient of friction
Clean and dry (meaning no oily residue.)

Stalgard AS Standard Class 4 Coating – For construction fasteners and others requiring a durable coating greater than 2,000 hours salt spray testing (SST).

The coating is perfect for moderate marine environment.


Product diameter rage available is #8 and larger.
The available Pantone color is silver.
Comes in a semi-gloss color tone with good adhesion characteristics.
It holds uniform thickness.
Sulfur dioxide corrosion DIN 50018 SFW 2.0s for fifteen 24-hour cycles.
Salt spray resistance is 2,000 hours, with no red rust per ASTM B117.
Humidity per ASTM is D2247 for 1,000 hours.
UV with humidity per ASTM is G154 for 2,000 hours.
The coating will not cause hydrogen embrittlement failures.
RoHS compliant (Chrome-Free) and thus environment-friendly.
Coating maintains drilling and tapping performance of the case and the induction hardened fasteners (Rc 52 min.).

Durable and tough finish. The coating will not come off during handling or repeated installations.
Low Coefficient of friction
Clean and dry, which means no oily residue.

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