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Free Shipping On Orders $75+

Cutting Or Drilling Concrete

Do you need to cut concrete or drill a hole in concrete? You can do it yourself. All you need is a little help to choose the correct tools, blades and bits...saving you lots of money!

Cutting Or Drilling Concrete

What to Know When Ordering Diamond Blades

To determine which product is right for your job, consider what is most important – the cost of the product or the end result of cost per inch foot of cut. A higher quality blade results in a lower cost per inch foot of cut, less down time on your equipment, and a lower replacement cost. For smaller jobs and occasional cutting, a lower initial cost blade may be preferred. For large jobs and continual usage, investing more up front will save you in the long run.

When ordering a diamond blade, consider the following factors:

  • Material Type and Hardness
  • Equipment
  • Wet or Dry Cut
  • Arbor Size (if other than 1”)
  • Special Cutting Needs
  • Size of Job

Wet Cut Core Bits

Wet Cut Core Bits are ideal when drilling holes in concrete and reinforced concrete applications. A key feature provided on all wet bits is the precision threaded Cap-to-tube system. With our unique top threaded bits, we have virtually eliminated lateral run-out at the drilling face of the core bit. This allows the bit to spin more precisely without a loping effect that commonly occurs due to an uneven Cap to tube weld. More precise running bits mean quicker penetration and drilling while also decreasing segment side wear and drag. Wet bits are standard 15″ length. Bits below 2″ equipped with ⁵⁄₈”-11 thread and bits 2″ above equipped with 1¹⁄₄”-7 thread. CBS and CBX series is available with a V-Shaped segment for a faster start.

Dry Cut Core Bits (DCCB)

Dry Cut Core Drill Bits are ideal when drilling holes in brick and block pass through applications. DCCB is best suited for cured concrete. The DCB tubes are vented to aid in both cooling of the core bit and removal of the cuttings. Dry core bits have a thinner wall and offer superior drilling speed while putting less weight strain on your hand held tool. Dry bits are 10″ length, standard ⁵⁄₈”-11 thread and are equipped with wrench flats for easy removal when the job is finished.

We will:

  • Quickly evaluate your job needs
  • Recommend the Safest and Lowest Cost of use Tools, Blades and Bits.
  • Deliver and Set Up your Equipment –Ready to Go
  • Train your people on exactly how to Use and Maintain everything
  • Provide you with written documentation of the training and the savings
  • Guarantee your 100% Satisfaction
  • Not only can we help with that but we will insure that your people know how to use these tools, safely

We have it all and we can help….Call us Now Toll Free at 1-888-514-5151.

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