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HangerMate® Threaded Rod Anchoring System

Any product in the construction industry that is going to speed up performance without sacrificing safety, integrity, and quality of the project is a product worth having. Here at Power and Bolt we focus on providing these types of products and equipment to our clients because we take pride in being instrumental in their success. One such product that we insist in keeping in stock for immediate access is the HangerMate Threaded Rod Anchoring System.

What kind of jobs call for the HangerMate?

hangermate fasteners
Any project that involves general piping and electrical systems may be able to utilize these construction anchors and it is ideal for HVAC, refrigeration and fire system installations. In the past these types of jobs have meant relying on stud pins, eye sockets or ceiling flanges. All of these cumbersome items can easily be replaced with this rod anchoring system.
hangermate MP anchors

For jobs that involve strut channels, eye-rods or bridle rings this product will replace these as well, but not only that they are also an easy replacement for cable trays and suspended ceiling grids. All of which have been time-consuming in the past when it comes to their installation.

Expedited performance

When it comes to construction anchors that are recognized for their ease of use then this particular one should be right at the top. The design of this HangerMate Threaded Rod Anchoring System allows for the use of one simple driver that works on all of the sizes but one, which is the HangeMate LG anchors. Any substrate material that you are going to be working with is compatible with this system. For your concrete preparation no need to worry about having specialized equipment because you can just use your standard ¼” drill bit.

Concrete applications

A choice of two heads and more

Depending on your job requirement you have the choice of the vertical mount which allows for easy in-line mounting with its tapped head. Or if you need a side mount head this is available as well, which also has a tapped head that is cross-drilled for ease of use in threaded rod systems. The choices get even better with these styled heads with a large selection of point styles for special assignments that include working with steel, concrete, masonry or wood. If you want a style that is versatile and usable for all the materials then just choose the MP type. You will be impressed to know that many of these styles are Factory Mutual approved or Underwriters listed.

HangerMate Steel product specifications

Hangermate steel product specifications

HangerMate Steel technical specifications

Hangermate steel technical specifications

The impressive design of HangerMate Threaded Rod Anchoring System

These Elco fasteners are comprised of a one-piece machine anchor that has been cold formed for durability. It only takes one driver to complete the application of this system excluding the LG anchors. The heads are designed to accept 3/8-16 or ¼-20 treaded components.

Cost Effective threaded rod anchoring system

When you look at all the benefits and features of this HangerMate Threaded Anchoring System it clearly shows the quality and performance they are capable of creating. You can also add to this the cost savings that it creates as well. With the requirement of only one driver, a lot less equipment is required for these Elco fasteners. With the flexibility of choice for specific materials, it means only buying the style you need for the job. It requires a simple application which means they are easy to use for all skill levels. This allows for increased productivity and fast completion of projects which means you can move onto the next one and scale up your revenue.

Power and Bolt here when we’re needed

Anytime you are in need of the HangerMate Threaded Rod Anchoring System and its various styles you just need to give us a call here at Power Bolt and Tool. We know what a valuable resource these will be to your projects, and we won’t disappoint you by not having them readily available to you when you need them.

HangerMate Wood product specifications

Hangermate wood product specifications

HangerMate Wood technical specifications

Hangermate wood technical specifications


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