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Top 3 Concrete Power Tools

The concrete drill/cutting tool is one of the most basic in construction. Many variations have evolved over the years, making a proper selection difficult. As a professional contractor it is important to research and understand the tool you choose to use. There are three types of drills/cutting tools that are commonly used for concrete demolition: the demolition hammer, the rotary hammer, and the hammer drill, and each has a different use. Before renting or investing in a new tool, learn more about these top 3 concrete drilling and cutting tools. 
demolition hammer

Demolition Hammer

The demolition hammer is designed to chip and break concrete, brick, and masonry. The demolition or demo hammer provides a steady-hammering action, delivering hammer blows to demolish concrete. It is considered to be too heavy for general work by some professionals, particularly electricians, because of the delicate nature of their work. While it only offers hammering-action, unlike rotary hammers which can also be used to bore holes, the increased strength of the tool makes it the quickest and most efficient option for demolishing concrete and masonry. There are both electric and cordless types, although the most powerful models usually have cords.
rotary hammer

Rotary Hammer

Rotary hammers are very similar to demolition hammers and are used the same way in terms of delivery of hammer blows. However, this tool is more versatile and can be used to bore holes, in addition to demolishing concrete. These devices work in three different operating modes, selected by a switch:
  1. hammering only
  2. hammering with rotation
  3. and rotation only
However, this versatility comes at a price, since rotary hammers have an extra drive that rotates drill bits in the rotary-hammer mode. If you don’t wish to purchase a rotary hammer for one-time use, they can also be rented.

Some rotary hammer models offer a level of comfort to the operator, such as active vibration control for considerably reduced vibration over long periods of use. If extreme force and power are needed on a job, this is the tool to use.
hammer drill

Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is more like a hammer and not an actual drill. This tool is primarily used for masonry work with some light concrete work. It is most commonly used to remove and bore holes into concrete and masonry with a fast, hard, repetitive linear motion. Hammer drills are slower than rotary and demolition hammers. Hammer drills can be battery, electric, or pneumatic operated.

Power Bolt and Tool carries a full line of concrete drilling/cutting power tools which includes demolition hammers, rotary hammers, and hammer drills. Give us a call toll-free at 888-514-5151 or contact one of our construction supply experts to learn more about these concrete power tools and to make the best selection for your job. We stand ready to help you succeed as your first choice Florida construction supplier.
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