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Ultracon® Masonry Fasteners

Power Bolt and Tool offer the highest quality fastening solutions that are built to withstand any demanding condition. Our UltraCon masonry fasteners are extremely reliable. Through years and years of utilizing the latest technology, we are very confident to give you the right products for the job you need to complete.

Our Ultra Con masonry fastener comes in three types; each serves a special function to your construction needs. UltraCon fasteners are your best solution to attach wood headers, electrical boxes and many more on concrete, hollow or brick blocks. These fasteners can also be used for door frames. Allow us to give you more information on the kinds of masonry fastener we are offering.


The Ultra Con Masonry Fastener is best used on concrete, hollow and brick blocks. It can be used to attach plywood, exterior insulation systems, electrical boxes and etc. Under Elco Construction Products, we offer the UltraCon fastening systems for a myriad of masonry applications.

The UltraCon Masonry fastener is precisely cut and cold formed. Power Bolt and Tool guarantee that these high-quality installation tools are manufactured to the strictest quality standards. We are also happy to say that our products provide hassle-free installation, high quality performance and we always deliver on time.

Our fastener threads increase joint integrity when used in masonry applications. We have UltraCon Masonry Fastener available in different sizes ranging from 3/16” to 5/16” in diameter and from 1” to 6” in length.

How will you benefit from the Ultra Con Masonry Fastener? These reliable fasteners can be installed quickly. In addition, you can benefit from the three elements of this masonry fastening system. These three elements include the precision cut carbide drill bits, cold forming process and high quality material—all used for maximum pull out strength and consistent performance.


Our Ultra Con Door Frame Fasteners offers the best solution for installing metal door systems. Use these fasteners to quickly install metal doors to wood, concrete or block.

Our UltraCon door frame fasteners feature one-piece cold formed products which equates to reliability and optimal strength. Our oversized flat heads (5/16” in diameter) provide wider bearing surface. It also features a common drive system for easy installation. Our door frame fasteners are made of 1022 carbon steel and has a silver Stalgard® corrosion-resistant coating.

Installing a metal door is very easy. Just position the door, level it, drill a ¼” pilot hole into the concrete (use a ¼” masonry drill bit) and install the door with our high-quality door frame fastener using a #3 Phillips bit. As you can see, there’s no more need for inserts.

How will you benefit from the Ultra Con Door Frame Fasteners? We guarantee that our door frame fastening system provides consistent performance as well as provide maximum pullout strengths.

Do you need strong and high-quality masonry anchors? Elco Construction offers the Ultra Con SS4 masonry anchors. These anchors are made with over 410 stainless steel material with a silver Stalgard® corrosion resistant coating. Add the test performance of UltraCon anchors, you can only expect our SS4 anchors to withstand any highly corrosive environment.

The SS4 threaded masonry anchors is installed using a 3/16” masonry drill bit. Diameter is ¼” while lengths vary from 1.25 to 4 inches. Drive systems include Phillips Trim Fit flat heads and Hex washer. The thread features a V-notched twin lead threads.

Power Bolt and Tool offer the Elco Construction Products to suit your different construction and masonry needs. With over 100 years of accumulated experience from our construction experts, we know what you’re looking for, what you want and what you really need.

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