Flex Technology Fasteners

For Metal Applications


For Concrete Applications


The Flex Technology® Concept

Flex Technology® has been recognized as a leading corrosion resistant line of fasteners in the industry when it comes to solving galvanic corrosion and hydrogen-assisted stress corrosion cracking. This means that the fasteners promise high performance and virtual immunity to hydrogen assisted embrittlement failures. Flex Technology® has revolutionized the industry. Flex Technology® fasteners are the solution for critical dissimilar metal applications in a wide variety of industries.

Flex Technology® is necessary for the following applications:

  • Window/Door
  • Glass/Glazing
  • Specialty metal fabricators
  • Architectural metal
  • Railing systems
  • Solar racking
  • Many more

Why would I need Flex Technology® fasteners? The result of your job quality helps build your brand, your reputation, your signature and represents your services. In order to obtain good jobs, you have to maintain certain standards and in construction, these standards are set by your quality and reliability. If you eliminate the chances of corrosion by using Flex Technology® fasteners, you and your company could go a long way.

There are many reasons you should use Flex Technology® Fasteners:

  • Long service life--high, in-place value over the life of the structure
  • High strength and ductility
  • Greater galvanic compatibility in dissimilar metal applications
  • Thread profile that provides quick cutting and stability during installation

Have you ever undertaken remodeling jobs? Have you ever tried to take things out only to have the fasteners split in half? Or have you ever seen Concrete Screws break shortly after application? Using the wrong specialty fasteners for the wrong applications is like a ticking time bomb, which could explode any second. Take all steps to protect your company from the liability that could come from installing incorrect fasteners. This is why you need to learn about, and use, Flex Technology®fasteners.

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