Fall Protection Program

Harnesses and lanyards will arrest a fall but it won’t PREVENT a fall.

Now you can prevent a fall with a Fall Limiter Device. That’s right PREVENT A FALL from happening!

Up until recently, Fall Limiters were big, bulky, and expensive. However, Miller Fall Protection (a company we proudly represent) has patented the world’s lightest and most affordable Personal Fall Limiter. It's called TurboLite and it is a giant step forward in fall protection. It completely replaces the lanyard and will actually prevent a worker from falling. 

If you would like to set up a fall prevention safety program for your company, We can help with:

  • OSHA Fall Prevention Competent Person Certification

  • Assessments with current practices and plans

  • On-Site Job inspections for OSHA compliance

  • Top Brand Equipment selection

  • Manufacturing Reps to Audit and Train

  • Employee training for Safe and Effective use of equipment

  • Make sure EVERYBODY GOES HOME at the end of the day

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