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DeWalt 13-5/8" P3500 Powder-Actuated Semi-Automatic Fastening Tool, Deluxe Kit

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The PA3500 is a modified version of the P3500 that includes a power adjuster, allowing the operator to effectively decrease the power level of the load being used by up to two (2) levels. For example, a red load can be adjusted down to the level of a green load. Trigger-actuated, semi-automatic powder-actuated tool.


  • Conduit Clip to Concrete
  • Electrical Fixture to Steel
  • Wood to Concrete
  • Concrete Forming
  • Wood to Steel
  • Commercial and Residential Construction
  • Electrical Fixture to Concrete


  • Clip assemblies to concrete, block, or steel


  • Tool Body: Precision Cast Aluminum and Steel
  • Length: 13-5/8"
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Fastener Length: 1/2" - 3"
  • Pin Length: 1/2" to 3"
  • Load Type: 1/4 Caliber 10 Load Strip and 1/4 Caliber Safety Strip
  • Power Level: Brown (2), Green (3), Yellow (4), Red (5)
  • Suitable Base Materials: Concrete, Lightweight concrete, Concrete masonry (CMU), Steel
  • Compatible Fasteners: Csi Spiral Drive Pins, 0.300" Head Drive Pins, 8Mm Head Drive Pins, 1/4"-20 Threaded Studs


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