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DeWalt WALL-DOG™ 1-1/4" Combo Hex Washer Head Screw Anchor - 100 Qty

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Package Quantity: 100

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The Wall-Dog is an all steel, one-piece screw anchor, which features high-profile threads for easy fastening into wallboard and other masonry base materials. The deep cutting, corkscrew like threads provide for smooth entry and a powerful hold. When removed, the Wall-Dog leaves a much smaller hole than toggles or other systems. For aesthetic appearances, the Wall-Dog is available in several color finishes and head styles. For fastening into wallboard or wood, no pre-drilling is required – the anchor is inserted through the fixture and screwed in with an ordinary Phillips screwdriver (Robertson head style also available). Fastening into concrete, hollow or grout-filled concrete masonry, brick and plaster requires a pre-drilled hole using a 3/16" ANSI bit. Typical applications include lightweight fixtures, drapery supports, as well as electrical, telephone and cable accessories.


  • Installs in a variety of base materials.
  • Installs directly through fixtures into wallboard - no second step or hole spotting required
  • When removed the anchor leaves a much smaller hole than toggles or other systems
  • Thread design prevents spinning and stripping
  • Heat treated point penetrates wood studs and thin metal
  • Several finished head styles to match application
  • No pilot hole required for wallboard
  • Can be easily backed out of hole
  • Fits through 7/32" clearance holes in fixtures


  • Head Type: Hex
  • Anchor Material: Carbon Steel
  • Length: 1-1/4"
  • Quantity: 100
  • Color/Finish: Zinc
  • Drill Bit Difference: 3/16"


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