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Elco, backed by years of experience, has created a series of fasteners designed specifically for metal fastening. The following products are part of the company’s Flex Technology product line. A very unique feature of these products is that they are immune to delayed embrittlement failures. These failures, which literally break fasteners in half, are brought on by the presence of hydrogen, which is generated as a result of dissimilar metal applications. A galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals such as aluminum and steel, in the presence of moisture, reduces detrimental hydrogen. This can literally destroy the integrity of fastener grain boundaries, leading to sudden and potentially catastrophic fastener failures. Metallurgically, this phenomenon is known as HASCC (Hydrogen Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking) and it happens without any visible signs, such as red rust.

Elco was able to develop a family of products for metal fastening that incorporate high performance and virtual immunity to delayed embrittlement failures. Using special alloy materials, which receive proprietary heat treatments and tempering processes, the Flex Technology line of products far surpasses any standard metal fastening format available. It basically allows designers and system manufacturers to manage their risk and enhance the performance of critical connections.