Aggre-Gator® 300 Series Stainless Steel Threaded Concrete Anchors

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As a supplier of construction products and equipment, Power Bolt and Tool considers the needs of every level of the construction industry to be a priority. Planning engineers have to know that the products needed for the integrity and durability of the project being planned will be met. The construction companies doing the job have to be able to rely on products that are going to meet the required specs but still be cost effective. The tradesmen doing the job must know that they are working with ease of use products in order to maintain their productivity. Power and Bolt knows the importance of these requirements and ensures that these are all met through each product that is provided. The Aggre-Gator 300 Series-Stainless Steel Concrete Anchors come into this category, and more than meet the criteria that have been set for them.

When to choose the Aggre-Gator 300 series

These stainless steel concrete anchors should be the first choice when the job demands the need for top quality Elco fasteners that have the ability to resist corrosion and are required for concrete anchoring that leaves no room for inferior performance. When the project is going to be completed in environments that create wetness and dampness, the level for potential corrosion is dramatically heightened. It won’t be an area of concern for those building the structure when they rely on the Aggre-Gator concrete anchors. For jobs such as those that are comprised of aluminum enclosures for hurricane protection such as shutters, these should be the fastener of choice, along with them being applicable for a large selection of other types of applications. If you aren’t quite sure which is the best fastener for your project, why not download our FREE “Fastener Selection Guide”. Also, we would be happy to advise you on your fastening options.

What makes the Aggre-Gator 300 Series-Stainless Steel Concrete Anchors the fastening system of choice?

It begins with the quality of materials that these Elco fasteners for concrete are comprised of.

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They are made with the best of quality 300 series stainless steel, and then additional anti-corrosion protection is in place with the Stalgard® galvanic barrier coating. What this means is that the alloy components of the stainless steel prevent Hydrogen assisted stress corrosion cracking which means no concerns are needed for the prevention of embrittlement.

The design supports the integrity of the materials that make up this construction fastener with the head and shank being comprised of the 300 series stainless steel, and the tapping threads, as well as the gimlet points, being fused hardened steel. This is what the impressive Bi-metal technology is comprised of.

The additional benefits of this Top performing Elco fastener

While stainless steel concrete anchors have to meet the high standards it is designed for, it also has to possess qualities that make it easy to use. Ease of use means increased speed but without compromising the integrity of the structure it is being applied to. The quality components and the fused self-tapping point allow for precision work with little effort.

The longevity and appearance counts

Aside from the all-important durability and strength that the Aggre-Gator 300 Series-Stainless Steel Concrete Anchors provide, they won’t fail in their performance for longevity. Structures that have been built using these Elco fasteners for concrete can be counted on to maintain the same integrity they have the day they are installed up to many years later. While having confidence in the materials and design to be top performers, construction builders can take pride in the appearance of any project where these are used because their anti-corrosive properties retain the look of newness.

As a construction provider of not only top quality products but a vast selection as well, Power Bolt and Tool takes great pride in playing a part in structures that are built with products that outperform their set criteria. Being able to provide the industry with fasteners such as the Aggre Gator 300 Series-Stainless Steel Concrete Anchors it means we are doing our part in setting up the construction contractor for success. We also like to make work easier in other aspects as well and we can accomplish this by offering your our “Power Credit” opportunities that allow for easy payment options. Just go ahead and fill out the application that provides for instant approval.

Aggregator 300 series bi-metal
The 300 Series Stainless Bi-Metal Masonry Fasteners from Elco is called Aggre-Gator. The 300 series stainless steel is well recognized as being highly resistant to corrosion. Also, it continues to maintain its strength at high temperatures. Above all, 300 series stainless steel is very easy to maintain. Its metal composition includes chromium, nickel and molybdenum.

To make things significantly better than before, Elco has decided to take this series a step further by making Aggre-Gator the number one corrosion resistant 300 series stainless steel in a threaded concrete anchor.

300 Series Stainless Aggre-Gator Flex Technology®

Aggre-Gator is made of 300 series stainless steel (18-8) alloy, which provides unmatched corrosion resistance in even the toughest of applications. The tip of the Aggre-Gator is fused welded to the shank and made of hardened steel. Tapping threads and this makes installation fast and easy, despite the strength of the metal. They take the same size bit as a regular tapcon (referred by blue screws). Aggre-Gator is coated with silver-colored Stalgard® GB, a Galvanic Barrier, to protect aluminum components from accelerated corrosion when in contact with 300 series stainless steel. The gimlet point provides quick starts and makes Aggre-Gator anchors an ideal choice for treated, wood-to-wood applications.

Aggre-Gator Applications

Aggre-Gator tends to be used on exposed anchoring in coastal and wet areas. This means that Elco Fasteners can be used in water plants or locations with extended exposure to salt water.  Aggre-Gator is the best fastener when it comes to corrosion resistance and surpasses any tapcon on the market. You can also apply these 300 series stainless on aluminum enclosures, hurricane shutters, windows, awnings, and thresholds.

Aggre-Gator can also be used for curtain wall, window wall support, stone facade support and ACQ-treated wood. You won’t find a better, easier-to-install or more reliable 300 series stainless steel anchor for your toughest construction applications than Aggre-Gator bi-metal concrete anchors. 

Aggre-gator with stalgard coating

300 Stainless Series Aggre-Gator Features

  • Bi-metal technology – 300 (18-8) stainless steel head and shank,
  • Fused and hardened steel tapping threads and gimlet point,
  • Alternating, hi-low notched thread profile,
  • Silver-colored Stalgard® GB Coating, and
  • Hex washer head and TrimFit flat head designs.

300 Stainless Series Aggre-Gator Benefits

Aggr-gator cutaway
  •  Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Long service life
  • High strength and ductility
  • Greater galvanic compatibility in dissimilar metal applications involving aluminum
  • Thread profile provides quick cutting and stability during installations
  • High in-place value over the life of structures

How to Identify a 300 Stainless Series Aggre-Gator from Elco

On the head of the 300 stainless steel Aggre-Gator screw, you will see the number “3”, the length code, and the Elco logo as shown in the following picture.

How to identify aggre-gator screw

Overall, the 300 stainless series from Elco, called the Aggre-Gator, is ideal for many reasons. It has unmatched and multi-level corrosion resistance, quick and easy installation into concrete or masonry and is the perfect choice for exposed, wet areas as well as aggressive environments, such as coastal areas. The Aggre-Gator offers high performance for your most critical applications.

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