Whitepapers and Guides

Check out our informational Guide to Construction Products to view our full line of products and get useful information about selection, usages, issues, etc. for each product category.

Learn how to choose the right air compressor with this simple to use guide!

Use this glossary of wire and cable terminology to understand the engineering and technical language and processes better.

Wire Brush Guide Attributes and Descriptions

Have a question about an attribute of your wire brush? Check out this handy guide to view fill materials.

Wire Brush Guide Benefits

In this Wire Brush Guide, view the different aspects of industrial grade products, crimped vs. knot wire brushes, and trim length and fill density.

Power Generators Selection Considerations

Selecting a power generator can be tricky, because it's important that the generator can meet your energy requirements. Learn how to choose in this guide.

Portable Generator Schematics

In this Power Generators Guide, learn about power output versus altitude and motor starting and running wattage! 

Powder Actuated System Guide Tool Types, Classes

Check out our informational Powder Actuated System Guide for info on tool types, tool classes, fastener types, power loads, and caliber and load types.

Powder Actuated System Guide P.A.T Applications

Use this guide to understand P.A.T applications and how to use the “pre-punch test” to determine the suitability of materials.

Z Fittings, Wing Fittings

Check out this handy guide to learn more about “Z” fittings, Wing fittings, Celvis fittings, Misc. fittings, and Brackets & Trolleys.