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DeWalt BANG-IT®+ 3/8" Multi Cast-In-Place Concrete Insert Anchor, Green - 100 Qty

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Package Quantity: 100

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Bang-It+ concrete inserts are designed for installation in and through composite steel deck (i.e. “pan-deck”) used to support newly poured concrete floor or roof slabs. The Bang-It+ concrete inserts are specifically designed to provide hangar attachments for mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and fire protection. After installation, the protective sleeve of the insert protrudes below the surface of the deck. The sleeves are color coded by size and allow overhead attachment of steel threaded rod in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 3/4" in diameter. The sleeve prevents sprayed fireproofing material and acoustical dampening products from clogging the internal threads of the insert. It also prevents burying, masking or losing the insert location. A hex impact plate offers resistance to rotation within the concrete as a steel threaded rod is being turned during installation. A push-in thread version is also available which does not require turning the threaded rod or threaded bolt during installation. which can be ideal for applications such as mounting prefabricated hardware and hanger assemblies.


  • Fast and simple to install, low installed cost
  • Sturdy base design resists inserts from being kicked over after placement
  • Color coded by size for simple identification, can be further marked by trade and/or utility
  • Inserts can be installed in upper and lower steel deck profiles with limited concrete topping thickness (see installation details)
  • Suitable for seismic and wind loading (see design information)
  • Multi thread inserts allow for multiple diameters using the same part
  • All sizes of multi thread inserts rated for tension and shear loading
  • Push-In thread version does not require turning threaded rod elements during installation
  • Inserts can be considered for use and placement with DeWalt Bridge Bar


  • Hanging pipe and sprinkler systems
  • HVAC ductwork and strut channels
  • Suspending trapeze and cable trays
  • Mechanical utility lines
  • Conduit and lighting systems
  • Cracked and uncracked concrete


  • Hole Size: 7/8"
  • Anchor Diameter: 3/8"
  • Color: Green
  • Piece Count: 100
  • Anchor Material: Carbon Steel and Engineered Plastic
  • Suitable Base Material: Normal-weight Concrete, Lightweight Concrete
  • Approvals: (ICC-ES) ESR-3657, (ICC-ES) ELC-3657, UL Listed, FM Approved


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