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“We’re an electrical contractor so we were reluctant to do our own fire stopping applications. That’s pretty technical work and takes a lot of specialized knowledge. We always felt it was best to just sub it out, but Randy, our Power Bolt rep, was able to give us step by step on the job training and factory support from the manufacturer. He showed us the right tools to use and taught our team to read the system drawings. We now do it on our own and save lots of money. Thanks Guys”

Trey M. … Professional Electrical Contractors

“We used to send our crews out to the different supply houses every morning to pick up the things we needed for our jobs. No matter how much inventory we kept here it seemed like we always needed something else. Our Power Bolt and Tool Rep was able to show us better inventory control for our stock room and if we don’t have something they will rush it to our jobs early ..Any day Any time. We never could count on our other suppliers to do it this well. Y’all have the very best service in town.”

Gary S.  … Tri-County Plumbing

“Just when you think you know everything about your own work they come out with something new. In our case it was a new concrete tapping screw made of high grade stainless. Our Power Rep, Jeff, showed us where to use it and win more jobs because our competitors were not aware of it. I like that. Thanks Jeff.”

Bill C.  …  Impact Window and Shutter

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